A guide to choose a good car insurance plan

People might wonder why different models of cars cost them different amounts for car insurance premiums. Insurance for new car versus insurance for old car is an important subject that every car owners should review before they buy any car. This will avoid them getting caught in a huge financial trap. There are three major reasons why premium for new car insurance costs more than old cars. First reason is that a theft of an exotic or new car costs more than an auto theft of old cars. Second reason is that the repair cost of an exotic car is more than repair cost of an old car. Another reason is the type and style of car shall affect the premium of auto insurance.

Car insurance for scratch and dent repair

Minor car dents and scratches are some of the most costly and annoying fixes that the car needs sometimes. Here are some of the reasons to buy this insurance policy for your vehicle.

  • Even though insurance for scratch and dent is not mandatory, there are few drivers who say their motor vehicles are not bumped by trolleys or windscreens of the car chipped by falling rocks while driving.
  • Even some other drivers have got their car seats burned by a tiny cigarette bud.


These are unnecessary expenses that auto owners have to meet. This is why they are suggested to buy a dent and scratch insurance. People in South Africa can get a good dent and scratch insurance cover from This is a financial institution where people can get personal loans, funeral insurance and life insurance.

How to get auto insurance with good coverage

Instead of guessing at what you think a car’s insurance cost is, you can call the car insurance company or ask the insurance agent to give a free insurance quote for your vehicle model that you like to buy. You can get answers to your questions and ensure you whether you can afford the car price as well as insurance premiums. The time to assess the cost of auto insurance premium is before people buy a vehicle. They definitely like to make both insurance premium payments and car payments. They can get a free car insurance quote before they buy an automobile. Thus, they can avoid financial issues as well as protect their car from expensive car repairs such as dent and dings.

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