Benefits of Sunkissed Florida rooms in Champaign, IL 

The bioclimatic pergola allows you to create a welcoming and elegant outdoor area, where you can enjoy tranquility or relax in the company of friends. Thanks to its retractable blades, Waterproof Sunroom can modulate sunlight and heat, depending on the season and needs, and open completely for an unobstructed view to the sky. Made of aluminum, a 100% recyclable material, it offers solidity and safety in total respect for the environment both in the case of new constructions and in building recovery. Florida rooms in Champaign, ILhave always stood out in research and innovation.


The bioclimatic pergolas in an aluminum can be made with maximum freedom and protected according to the space. If the space is isolated, it is possible to make self-supporting structures. Otherwise, it is possible to cover an existing environment or create a pergola leaning against the wall. It is impossible to indicate a cost since the price of constructing a bioclimatic pergola depends on various factors such as dimensions, structure, finishes, colors chosen, customizations, etc. For this, our designers and our partners in the area are available to find the best solution based on your specific project.

What are the advantages of a winter garden? 

A winter garden is an oasis in your home, available every day, regardless of the outside climate. An environment to live pleasantly, in full relaxation, to enjoy a starry sky, feeling free and protected in the intimacy of your home. Sunroom conservatories are the most elegant and flexible on the market for slim and sturdy aluminum constructions. Thanks to the “thermal break” system and the suitably chosen glass, they offer a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation, helping to keep environments warm in winter and cool in summer, protecting them from outside noise for maximum comfort and well-being.

How does a folding window work? 

Whatever the Sunroom model was chosen for your window (S.75 TT, S.60 TT, S.40, or S. 30), the frame is made of extruded aluminum, available in the thermal break or non-insulated version. Depending on your needs, all Sunroom folding windows can be folded outwards or inwards; on the right, left side, or large openings also distributed on both sides. The small footprint is one of the pluses of Sunroom folding windows and is a detail that should not be underestimated when choosing your glazing system.

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