Bitcoin Lottery – Working of it

In the bitcoin lottery sites, people used to buy tickets in hopes of hitting the jackpot. The only difference is that in this lottery they cannot choose to pay their jackpot on cash rather they get bitcoins. Hitting a jackpot on cryptocurrencies will be more valuable than getting the same dollar amount of cash if you believe that the value of bitcoins will continue to rise.

instagram giveaway

You will be able to get these lottery tickets by free spins, by referring free spins, wagering in games and by buying lottery tickets. These lottery sites now offer promotions in the name of instagram giveaway to attract their customers and also new clients to their sites. People may make use of these giveaways to earn bitcoins.

If you win a bitcoin lottery and are nervous about dealing with cryptocurrency, you do not have to be. If you do not wish to do it or you do not believe that the value of bitcoin will increase after you win, you can choose to win the prize at the present value of money at the time of winning them.

Other than lotteries there are some other ways to earn bitcoins:

  • Faucets – One way to earn these cryptocurrencies is by playing and winning games and by entering captchas correctly as given in the online faucets and get several Satoshis.
  • Gambling – You can earn them by winning the bets that you wager on. Though you can get bitcoins, it is not the safest method.


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