ECA Stack
28 Sep 2018

A Complete Guide to the ECA Stack

The term ECA is an abbreviation for Ephedrine Caffeine Aspirin. Primarily, the ECA stack is a complex combination of several drugs and is also used to improve the body’s energy and stamina. Also, many people also use this stack for weight reduction these days. This ECA stack is beneficial in

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25 Aug 2018

Bringing back your confidence and smile:

If there is one thing which is going to add beauty to the face as well as beauty to the person, then it is the smile. The people should smile more often and see to it that they are going to convince people with their smile itself. This is one

woman’s physical
23 Mar 2018

Planning for pregnancy in an easy manner

If you are thinking on the lines of a pregnancy you would need to visit your doctor for a pre conception visit. For sure they are going to help you plan for your pregnancy and sometimes they would ask you to have a watch on your pregnancy medication list as

21 Mar 2018

Liver transplant and its causes

Liver is one the vital organs of our body as it performs the vital functions which are very much needed to maintain and sustain a life of a human being. It creates most of the vital proteins that run our body system. It breaks down each nutrient which the small

16 Feb 2018


People know cannabis as something which gives them a high and might land them in legal trouble. But, Cannabis do have an identity beyond this which is explored by the medical world. Medical marijuana is a term which is gradually but definitely gaining popularity among masses. Various researches and studies