Essential Facts That Everyone Should Know about Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow is the spongy tissue of the bones that keep it flexible by producing hematopoietic stem cells. These stem cells are the essential sources of producing red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells. When patients are suffering from infections, internal diseases, cell damage by radiation and chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantation is done.

While transplanting new stem cells, they can fight back the damaged cells and destroy them and improves the growth of new cells. There are specialty bone marrow transplant hospitals India where the skilled and efficient doctors give the best medical treatment and the trained caregivers take the best care of the patients. There are certain things that you need to know about bone marrow transplantation. Have a look-

  1. Bone Marrow Transplant and Stem Cell Transplant Is Different

Often bone marrow and stem cells are regarded as similar objects as bone marrow is the source of producing hematopoietic stem cells. But, there are certain technical differences between the two. If transplanting bone marrow, the stem cells can be collected from the donor’s bone marrow; while transplanting bone marrow, the bone marrow is harvested from the dip down of the patient’s hip with a large needle.

When it comes to peripheral blood stem cell transplant, stem cells are collected from the donor’s body and the process is known as apheresis. Donors get medication for five days that boost up the production of stem cell.

  1. Who Needs Bone Marrow Transplantation

Patients, under the diagnosis of the diseases like lymphoma, leukemia, myelodysplasia, multiple myeloma and lots of other diseases where your blood cells and immunity is attacked, are eligible for bone marrow transplantation. To get the best benefit, often oncologists or hematologists suggest for bone marrow transplantation as this will be the best treatment option.

  1. Types of Bone Marrow Transplantation

Usually, there are two types of bone marrow transplantation-

  • Allogeneic Transplant
  • Autologous Transplant

In the first type of transplantation method, the stem cell is recovered from a donor. The name of the transplantation suggests it all. ‘Allo’ means other, so it is clear. While selecting a donor, doctors check out if the donor has the similar HLA tissue as the patient. The patient’s biological sibling is always a good match; otherwise, a match is found through the data, collected from different donors.

The autologous transplantation means taking the stem cells from the patient’s body. In this case, stem cells are collected from the patient’s body and reserved frozen. Later, that can be used to destroy damaged cells.

  1. Risk and Benefits of Bone Marrow Transplantation

In case of allogeneic transplantation, the stem cells are collected from donors and those are cancer-free. To attack the damaged cells, such healthy cells are quite active. But, there is a risk that the donor’s cell may attack the healthy cells of the patient too.

These are certain facts that you should know before going for bone marrow transplantation of any one of your family. Check out the list of bone marrow transplant hospitals in India and then admit your relative there.

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