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New wearers and even some expertise wearers have questions about their contact lenses, so here are a few soft contact lens delivery singapore wearing tips. One of the most common questions by fresh wearers is how will I know whether my soft contact lens is inside out?” The difference is subtle, but before placing the soft contact lens on your eye, make sure that it resembles a half ball, not like a soup bowl or you with flared outside edges. You can achieve this by holding the lens up directly in the front of your eye and then looking down at it. If it creates half a chunk or a suitable you it’s the right way.

In case your soft contact lens is cluttered with the lens on your fingertip, look down. It would help if you observed the color tint along the border. Other lenses possess a laser marking with the business name. If you can read it correctly, the lens is in the right position.

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Before you apply your contacts, you want to wash your hands but do not use scented or oily soap that could cling to your lens and cause eye irritation. To avoid mixing which lens goes in which eye, it can help to always put the same eye in first.

Before removing your soft contact lens in the case, shake gently to loosen the lens if it is stuck. Then slide the contact lens delivery singapore out of this case into your palm. Rinse thoroughly with the right contact lens solution. Place the lens on the tip of your index finger. Together with the palms and thumb on your hand, pull up in your eyelid and down to your lower eyelid, then place the lens onto the white of your eye. Roll your attention.

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