Almost the entire mankind accepts few things as “born worriers” and people get used to with these. Sometime people also face some temporary fear or anxiety that is caused due to some stressful events or situations. But this type of short-term anxiety disappears just after the cause ends. But these are not that harmful considering the chronic anxiety. There are a million of people who suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder – a chronic condition of anxiety that the sufferers can’t hung up. When a person suffers from chronic anxiety, even a least thing can head out it again. People become more and more anxious and thought fearful about own relations, health, professional life and even about their surrounding world. It becomes so horrible day by day that people try to hide themselves from everything.

 Why feel so anxious

 There is no reason behind why a person feels so anxious every time. This is just a state of mind or it can be explained as a habit that lets one to fear and worry. And as said earlier, all have their own “born worriers”, but some people overlook it and get advanced in life. But a number of people nurture it and as a result it captures their mind slowly and causes a chronic anxiety.Yoga (3)

How to fight back

To fight back the fear the very first thing one need to do is to recognize the reality and to make that understand that is not what actually is tormenting them. Rather it is the person’s fixed habit of psyche that causes to react with anxiety in any situation. And secondly, one needs to look logically at the anxiety reaction and admit that nothing can be changed by feeling fretful, worried. Only when a person can recognize the problem then they can start to fight it back and can stay out from chronic anxiety.

Meditation can help

 Meditation is the best option to track mind to the correct way.  With a patient and regular practice of few anxiety meditation one can overcome the thought that they can’t meditate. Regular practice makes people overcome these hostilities and helps people to isolate themselves from these to rest in their own being. When outer world, outside activities pull a person out to their focus, meditation helps them to return there again and to stay calm. Anyone can choose meditation to stay calm and fight back anxiety; though in first few days they may need a guide as well. There are several scientific studies that have proved anxiety meditation to be most helpful for treating chronic anxiety.

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