Get your best spaces with Blue Crates storage at affordable prices

A good storage with security is everyone’s need nowadays. From storing something small to moving away something big, Blue Crates provide wide range of storage system of different sizes and shapes. Our system work on 3 quick steps:

  • We deliver storage system at your place.
  • You can make space and pack your things inside the system.
  • We pick up the system and deliver at the place you want in no time

We offer quick services at affordable price. This quality of our organisation maintained by our hardworking staffs made us number one. You can use our services in following ways:

  • You can provide your spouse, a good space to keep things.
  • It helps students in storing stationeries and other important stuffs.
  • It works as storing and moving services when you want to shift your home or office from one place to another.
  • It helps you when you’re planning a long vacation for about a month or two
  • It helps in stuffing spare stuffs at your homes and offices.

Blue Crates

We provide quality storage which is eco-friendly and it saves money to a greater extent. Our privacy policy is as follows:

  • We obtain necessary information from you like your name, your address, your contact number and details about what you want to store,where you want to move your stuff, because we analyse them to provide you better services on time.
  • We use your information to improve our services.
  • We never sell or rent your information to anyone. But we share your information to employ companies and work for you on our behalf. Above all, we guarantee you top class services with security.

We provide you many storage systems according to your needs, some of them are as follows:

  • A wardrobe which can store about 20 dresses and 10 winter coats at $15.5/ month.
  • A crate, which can store about 2 dresser and 50 tees at $10/ month.
  • We offer furniture such as couches, beds, sofas and many more at $45/ month.
  • Closet extender, which contains 2 crates and 2 wardrobes at $51/ month.
  • Utility package for more storage containing 3 crates and 3 wardrobes at $60/ month.
  • Lifestyle package with extra space contains 3 crates, 2 wardrobes and 2 oversized at $81/month.

Visit our website know more about and services and connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get latest updates about our company and storage system.Book suitable service for yourself on website.

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