How Do Fisheye Security Cameras Work?

There is a wide range of security cameras available in the market such as spy cameras, dome camera, night vision cameras, fisheye cameras and many more. Having alarms against fire, smoke, intrusion or a CCTV system, nowadays has become a necessity for the security of homes, businesses and businesses. If these places have a large space, the fisheye security cameras are the best choice. It will be able to shine their 360 ° recording power and surveillance capacity. Let’s learn how they work.

360 ° field of vision

This is a main feature of fisheye security cameras. Its field of vision focuses on obtaining 360 ° in the same image, using a 1/3 ” image sensor that adds to the 1.9 mm lens. In this way you will be able to have a panoramic image.

On the other hand, fisheye security cameras are used mostly in spaces similar to a room, an office, small warehouses, meeting space and other spaces. For example, a common room to take full advantage of the viewfinder.

The fisheye security cameras for your Home allows you to create the sensation of observing everything at the same time. It is totally different from the human eye taken from that point. Its main advantage is that it grants 100% greater visibility than our human capacity.

Wisenet P4K Fisheye Security Cameras

Recently a 12 megapixel fisheye security camera came on the market, which allows obtaining a very high image quality with options of video recording, simple panoramic view and doubling the panoramic view. It also has novel attributes such as:

Visitors counting: Taking a statistic is not complicated with Fisheye security camera. It has the ability to analyze the amount of people in your business. In this way you can have a reference of the efficiency that your store has.

Temperature map: With this security sensor you can verify the behavior of the clients, since it shows the “hot spots” of the place. In this way it is easy to draw a probability on the patterns of purchase in the clients. For example, if they reach the box or the sects of the place where there is more activity.

WiseStream Technology: Finally, this Fisheye security camera includes an H.265 image compression set by WiseStream. In this way, it intervenes in the exact point of the image, reproducing quality and compression based on the movement detected by recording. This will allow you to obtain a precise balance of the image.

In short, the fisheye security cameras can be the security solution you are looking for your business. On the other hand, we believe that you may be interested in knowing that it is the best security camera according to the resolution and processing and the characteristics of the security cameras with facial recognition.

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