How to Keep The Workplace Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic

Since COVID-19 happened, many offices chose to allow their employees to work from home. And now that more and more people are getting vaccinated, the office workforce restrictions are being slowly lifted as well. Although WFH is still strongly advised, some companies have partially operated. So how do you ensure that the workplace is safe for everyone? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Encourage Proper Handwashing

One of the most important healthcare protocols that every company should put more emphasis on is proper and regular handwashing. Proper handwashing has always been stressed even before the COVID-19 pandemic started, and most especially during the flu season. So put reminders everywhere to wash hands as frequently as they could.

CDC suggests that If soap and water are not available, make sure that there are enough alcohol-based hand sanitizers to use. This contains 60% to 95% alcohol but nothing is more effective than washing the hands with soap and water. If you are in need of sanitizing products for your company, you can visit and check out for your options.

Remind About Sneezing and Coughing Etiquette

During flu and allergy seasons, sneezing and coughing are common. That is why it is important to remind everyone about sneezing and coughing etiquette, especially while at work. The world is fighting against an invisible enemy and it is so easy for viruses to spread. But when everyone is more aware of keeping everybody safe when some are sick, then the spreading of any viruses will be prevented.

Always have a waste bin or wastebasket for used tissues, and remind everyone to cover their mouths and nose with a tissue, a handkerchief, or using their upper sleeves when they cough or sneeze. Also, it is best to avoid coughing or sneezing into your hands because you might forget to wash or sanitize before you touch anything in the office.

Always Clean the Workstation

Keeping the workstations clean prevents the spread of viruses and bacterias. Take time to encourage employees and cleaning staff to routinely clean any touched areas in the workplace. Coronavirus is one of the easiest to kill as long as the proper disinfectant product is used. Cleaning the work surfaces, countertops, doorknobs, etc. can make a huge difference.

If you are going back to operating normally in the office, you have to make sure that the workplace is a safe environment for everyone, especially now that the world is still dealing with the coronavirus. You have to ensure that you have all the tested and proven products and equipment that will keep your workplace COVID-19-free.

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