Information about Sciatica and heart burn during pregnancy in a nut shell

What is Sciatica? It is stated to be a group of problems rather than a single one. This nerve tends to emerge from the lower back makes its way through the back of your lungs and allows you to feel the various sensations. It does help to move the muscles in your legs as well. Most cases of it tend to occur when the inflammation or pressure from the back makes this nerve painful. It can lead to a damaged or slipped disc in the spine. In certain case the manner in which nerves work could also be affected leading to a sense of weakness in your lungs. One can go on to have sciatica with or without any form of back acne and pain could emerge in any of your legs as well.

Are you likely to be a victim of Sciatica if you are pregnant?

Let us get one thing clear and that is you are not prone to sciatica if you become pregnant. During pregnancy pain in the nerves or back is common but it has got nothing to do with sciatica. It could arise from pelvic girdle pain that is likely to occur more during the course of pregnancy. A lot of mothers are of the opinion that neurological disorders after pregnancy tend to be on the common side.

It is caused by a damage that takes place to your nerve whereby a swelling is witnessed around the nerve as well. When you are pregnant it does go on to put a great risk of damaging your spine as well. If any heavy lifting of weights occurs then it is likely to compound the entire problem more.

How to figure out whether you have sciatica

There is going to be a shooting pain that might come and go. It could be that it just affects a single side. The pain may begin in the lower back and then stretch to the legs or the toes.

Heartburn during the course of pregnancy

Now there is another problem that is pretty much common that occurs during pregnancy and that goes by the name of heart burn. It could be a fruitful along with a difficult problem that most women tend to experience. Heartburn medication during pregnancy is pretty much there but all at a negligible level. Most of the women tend to be familiar with the digestive problems during the course of pregnancy and this does include morning sickness as well.

Heartburn does go on to have persistent problems and this does point to one of the common problems experienced by women during pregnancy. Nearly 50 % of women fall prey to it at a certain point of time. As the pregnancy of a woman progresses it peaks during the latter stages of pregnancy. But heartburn at this period could be treated in a lot of ways and it may involve medications as well.

Ideally once a woman changes their eating habits, instant results are achieved.

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