It’s storm season: How to prepare

Many people love the relaxing sound of gentle rainfall outside their window, but a quiet shower can turn into a torrential downpour from time to time. Severe storms can wreak havoc on your property in a short period of time. Everything from strong winds to hail and heavy rains can result in property damage in a matter of minutes, and some of these storms may last for hours or even days. Flooding can damage the interior and exterior of your home as well as your landscaping. Broken woods, roof damage and more are also common when severe weather strikes. While you cannot prevent storms from passing through the area, you can prepare your home for them by taking a few steps.

First, it is important to review your homeowners’ insurance policy to ensure that your coverage is adequate for your needs. The last thing you want is to file a claim only to realize that you do not have the coverage you thought you had. In addition, ensure that you have the ability to pay your deductible if necessary. Having a financial plan in place to deal with damage to your property can provide you with some peace of mind in a worst case scenario. If you do need to file a claim, you can work with Benchmarkpa for assistance with the claim. download (5)
In addition, review your property thoroughly to determine any areas that may need attention from you before the first storm strikes. Trim back tree branches away from the property as these can damage the home with strong winds. If you are aware of drainage issues on your property, you can address those with a landscaping consultant. It is also beneficial to clean out your gutters so that water can be channeled properly away from the home. A roof inspection is also a wise idea. Through a roof inspection, you can learn about weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the roof that may become problematic during a major storm, and you can address those issues before the first major storm strikes.

There may be a few years when major storms skirt around the area and your home is safe from harm. However, there are other years when your location may seem to have a target on it and may bear the brunt force of numerous severe storms. Even a single storm can cause significant property damage to you. While your homeowners’ insurance policy may pay for a significant portion of the repairs after a major storm strikes, you may prefer to avoid the damage altogether if possible. By taking steps now to prepare your home for a major storm, you may reduce the amount of damage caused by upcoming storms.

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