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Japanese Home Designs and  Top Property Developers

The Japanese Home designs include both traditional and modern-day construction. Traditional Japanese Home designs are considered as one of the most cultural interior designs.  Japanese adhere to natural beauty and that’s why in the interior pure wood/Bamboo is used for walls, doors, with atheistic furniture. Making the most efficient use of space, use bamboo for the interior decorations.

  1. Mitsubishi Estate: MEC is one of the leading property developers in Japan. Its headquarters is located in Tokyo. MEC has developed many reputable buildings such as the Yokohama Landmark Tower, the second tallest building in Japan. The company builds all types of buildings like residential buildings, restaurants,  government buildings, etc.
  1. Mori Trust: Mori Trust is one of the largest property developers of Japan which is chaired by the seventh richest man of Japan. The company builds all types of office buildings, condominiums, hotels, restaurants, and apartments.
  1. Sumitomo Realty & Development: is one of the oldest Japanese property developers. Sumitomo Realty & Development build all kinds of residential and commercial buildings, office buildings, apartments, hotels, etc.
  1. Tokyu Land Corporation: is the best famous residential and commercial building developer in Japan, not only in Japan, but they have also worked in property development in Indonesia, China, and the USA. They also build all types of commercial and residential buildings and also leisure property like the golf course.
  1. Tokyo Tatemono: is the oldest property developing company in Japan, they are also working in Myanmar, Singapore, and a few other countries. They build a broad range of property such as residential, office, leisure, senior housing, etc.

Japan is a developed nation that has several real estate companies that deal with not only Japanese clients but also overseas.

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