Liver transplant and its causes

Liver is one the vital organs of our body as it performs the vital functions which are very much needed to maintain and sustain a life of a human being. It creates most of the vital proteins that run our body system. It breaks down each nutrient which the small intestine extracts from our food to create molecules of energy known as adenosine triphosphate. The entire metabolism performed in the body is mainly done by this energy. It is the source of energy which runs our body. If mitochondria can be considered the powerhouse of a cell, a liver may be considered as the powerhouse of a human being’s body. It also acts as a storage organ of the human body. In humans’ glucose, minerals and vitamins are the vital substances that are required by human body; liver stores them and releases them as and when needed by the body. Bile is a compound that is stored by the gall bladder and acts as the fat digester of our body. Blood clotting in humans require a number of proteins, namely albumin, globulin.The proteins which are synthesized by the liver include fibrinogen,prothrombin,clotting factor 5, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 13. It also produces protein C and Sand also antithrombin. These are synthesized in the liver. Our body has to deal with bacterial and viral attacks every single day, our immune system fights with it. Liver also plays a part in the removal of bacteria from the blood. Medications are foreign products that also help our body to defend from diseases but they leave by-products which are harmful for our body. The liver removes such toxic by-products from the human body.

A liver transplant means to replace a non-functioning liver by a functioning one. This is done in cases when a liver is no longer functional. Liver failure is caused due to infection of liver, drug –related injury or viral hepatitis. Chronic hepatitis with another liver disease known as cirrhosis which is caused due to heavy consumption of alcohols is also a cause of liver failure. Alcoholism is one of the prominent causes of liver failure. In newborns also, there is a disease called biliary atresia, which is also a rare disease.

For a liver transplant in India there should be a proper hospital or medical facility which can make a team consisting of a hepatologist who is a liver specialist, surgeons who expertise in transplants, an anaesthologist who has to check your normal body functions to suggest the type of anesthesia during surgery, a psychiatrist who will help you to go through the depression often associated with big operations and transplants, a social worker or organisation which helps you to discuss the financial issues, and a specialist who specializes in drug or alcoholism inhibition. CT scans, blood reports are done to ensure the match between the donor and the acceptor. Usually in end-stage liver disease or cancer of liver, a part of healthy liver from a living donor is cut off and transplanted into the diseases person. It slowly normally grows in size and replaces the earlier removed liver.

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