Mahindra Jeeto vs Tata Ace: Who Will Win?

The two companies, Mahindra and Mahindra and Tata Motors, have always had a hand to hand competition for a really long time. Both these companies manufacture well designed automobiles and commercial vehicles which are quite in demand. Their services and their products have always pleased the customers and in turn have gained value and brand loyalty.

Mahindra Jeeto

This vehicle is powered by a single cylinder DI water cooled engine. The displacement this vehicle reaches is 625 cc. The maximum power achieved is 11 bhp and the maximum torque attained is 38 Nm. A single dry plate clutch has been installed and the gearbox is inclusive of 4 speeds. The mileage of the Mahindra Jeeto is 33.4 km/hr.

The body of this mini commercial truck is a deck body with a Monocoque type chassis. The axle configuration is 4×4. Coming to the measurements of this mini truck, the wheelbase is of 2250 mm, the overall length, breadth and height of the vehicle is 3281 mm, 1485 mm, and 1750 mm respectively. The gross vehicle weight of this mini truck is1291 kgs and can carry a maximum payload of 600 kgs.

Coming to the overall functioning, this vehicle is operated by manual steering. The driver’s seat designed to be adjustable in order to provide the driver the maximum comfort while driving. Adding on to the comfort of the driver, the steering has been made to be tiltable. Disc brakes have been situated in every tyre. IFS has been used for front suspension. To end the description of this vehicle, the truck is driven with manual steering.

Tata Ace

The famous Tata Ace runs on the 275 IDI Diesel engine with two cylinders. The displacement is pushed till 702 cc. The vehicle exerts a maximum power of 16 bhp along with attaining a maximum torque of 38 Nm. The truck is operated by a

single plate dry friction diaphragm. The Ace is installed with a 4 speed gearbox just like the Jeeto. The fuel tank capacity of this commercial truck is 30 litres. The gradeability offered is 21% and the mileage is 21.9 km/hr.

Unlike the Jeeto, this mini truck comes with a half body chassis with a day cabin. The axle configuration is 4×2. Arriving at the numbered factors, the wheelbase is 2100 mm, the length is 3800 mm, the width is 1500 mm and the height is 1845 mm, providing a good amount of space for storage. The gross vehicle weight totals to 1550 kgs and the vehicle has the strength to carry 710 kgs payload.

The mini truck uses mechanical steering to be driven. The front tyres have been enabled with disc brakes and the rear is enabled with drum brakes. The front suspension is a parabolic leaf spring.

With this, the brief comparison between the Mahindra Jeeto and Tata Ace comes to an end, and by noting down every detail, we come to a conclusion that Tata Ace wins.

For details comparison visit: Mahindra Jeeto vs Tata Ace

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