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06 Jul 2017

This is why its not Shahrukh Khan this time to host IIFA awards but Karan Johar !!

This is a very shocking news for the King Khan fans, Shahrukh Khan will not be hosting the IIFA Awards 2017 this time. Yes, you read that right!! Karan Johar is the one who will host the IIFA Awards this time along with Saif Ali Khan. Shahrukh Khan is busy

23 Jun 2017

Get the VIP status for free with the help of the MSP generator

People are interested in playing different games that make them relax from the stress and tension they get in their daily life. Of course, playing games is considered to be the best choice that gives a more relaxing feel to the people. Well, there are wide ranges of games available

19 Jun 2017

Samsung Galaxy S9 will be security issue free

Today we again talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S8. In general, the new Korean flagship exactly “turned”, however, and it does have its weaknesses, which you should pay attention when buying, so you do not shed negative on the creators of the smartphone.  A 5.8-inch screen

19 Jun 2017

Go Green, Stay Clean With Four Simple Tips

1. Prepare your own product to clean with Although commercial cleaning detergents work fast on dirty surfaces, they aren’t the best way to tackle grime. May be the easiest but definitely not the best. The reason for that lies in their table of content. All cleaning solution have many harmful

10 Jun 2017

Some tricks and tips to buy best glucometer, read to know!

Gone are the days when in order to monitor the blood sugar level one has to go to nearby path lab to get the test done. Well, now with the advent of technology and advances in the medical science it is possible to keep check on the blood sugar level

09 Jun 2017

It is time to watch movies online free

If you are found of watching exciting movies or want to see the movies of your choice? Now you have the opportunity to watch your favorite movies online. Now you can watch movies online free. All you have to do is that you have to become or take the membership of




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