Primary Purpose Of Forex Trading

Did you know about FIBO Group? They are the proven trading platforms which enable you to trade more than 60 currency pairs with low spreads and up to 22x financial leverage. You can refer this link to know about general ideas of them. To tell about products, their products are,

  • Meta trader
  • C Trader
  • Meta traders
  • Meta Trader 4:

Thousands of traders are supposed to use this product. It is user friendly and useful software. It has created with built in programming language which allows trader to create own indicators and experts.

Various Software’s under MT4:

  • MT5 NDD:

It is also based on the Meta trader 4 platforms.

It gives 32 currency pairs.

Minimum deposit option is 300 USD with this software.

Minimum spread is 0.

Maximum leverage is 400 as 100 for metals.

  • MT4 NDD No Commission:

It gives 32 currency pairs.

Minimum deposit is 300 USD with this software

The maximum leverage is 400 as 100 for metals.

Minimum spread is 0.8.

  • MT5:

It gives 42 currency pairs.

Minimum deposit is 500 USD.

Maximum leverage is 100 as 33 per metals.

Minimum spread is 0.

FIBO Trading Center:

Refer this  to know about how they are described. When concerning about FIBO group trading center, it will allow various education programs both for beginners and also for experienced traders. They will strive for effort to help every business to be succeeded in financial markets.


Online Education:

  • They will offer information about high quality, user friendly to traders under this section.
  • This program is divided into certain levels for both beginners and experienced traders.

Onsite Training:

  • It is primarily designed to people who need to attend classes with specialists.
  • It includes both theory and practical.


E Course:

  • It is composed in the form of game in 9 levels.
  • After completing the final exam, an appropriate bonus will be credit to the trading account.

FIBO Group Partner Program:

  • A partner will be credit by month range commission for introducing a new client to the company.
  • If he brings more clients and he makes more deals, he will receive more commission.

Advantages of Automatic Trading:

  • Trading signals will allow trader to copy operations of other traders.
  • Experienced traders can act as signal providers.

All signals will have detailed trading history and statistics and so you can find them before subscribe.

  • Few of the signals are free of charge.
  • You can sign up as well as terminate your subscription at any time.


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