Selecting the Right Bed Sheets

Buying sheets has become a difficult prospect for many of us. There are so many options for choosing materials, the number of threads and much more. Not long ago, I was drinking tea with a friend and we were discussing this shopping dilemma. She shared some tips and ideas with me, and now I’m going to share them with you on how to buy double bed sheets online.


The first thing to know is what size sheet you are buying. This may sound silly, but I have had to return my new sheets to the store for various reasons. If you only thought of checking the size of each bed before you go shopping!


Experts recommend measuring the length, width and height of the mattress before purchasing. It may sound overwhelming, but with so many types of mattresses on the market, it might not be a bad idea. I had to return the last set of sheets I bought because they didn’t fit the new padded mattress I bought a week ago.


The next thing to think about is how you want your sheets to feel. Do you like soft pressed cotton? Do you prefer slippery silk or satin? Or do you prefer the warmth and comfort of flannel sheets? I usually buy plain cotton sheets for family beds. They are easy to clean and maintain, and I can usually buy them for a very reasonable price. And I never buy sheets with less than 280 threads.


The last thing to consider is the type of washing of the sheets. I bought a set of sheets last year which I thought was perfect. They fit well and feel great. The problem was that they had to be taken to dry cleaning, and when I found out about it, it was already too late. I put them in the washer and dryer, and when I took them out, they felt like they barely fit in a single bed, let alone my huge queen size mattress!

Here are some more simple tips for creating a bedroom like this:

Wall paint: Choose cool sheets of neutral color that are neither too bright nor too dark (unless you specifically want to create a dark atmosphere).

Comforter – The comforter on the bed tends to be the centerpiece of the entire room, so the color and pattern you choose will affect the feel of the room.

Sheet Pattern: Like a blanket, but to a lesser extent, the colors of the sheets will affect the tone of the room. Pastels and light, natural and neutral colors give the impression of freshness, like a fresh spring morning.

Number of pillows: Adding lots of pillows to your bed is another way to give your bedroom that unique personality.

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