Sleep Disorders and EMF – A knowhow

Our technology is updating very gradually, according to the technology we also are updating. In this updating versions of the technology, it is very favourable for us, with this everyone will have many advantages such as the speed of internet will be increased in 5G than compared with 4G. The speed of the internet will be very high in 5g and with this the frequency of this will be very high, and bandwidth of this 5g will be more than compared to 4g. This type of internet will be very helpful for the gamers, web developers, app developers etc. and with the help of this internet, uploading and downloading will be very easy. Getting together with the help of technology will be better, but it is separating from one another.

How the technology is separating from one another.

This is the type of internet for which there is no speed limit, such that the frequency will also not travel as compared to the frequency of 4G, so that there will be a lot of radiation. Because of the radiation there will be a lot of sleeping disorders like insomnia, narcolepsy, and sleep apnea, which will effect on the personal life like office, school work. This will also effect mental health and physical health. Because of this radiation there will be major problems related to heart and respiration. Because of this EMF and sleep disorders will come, if a person will not have sleep for more than 7 to 8 hours there will be a lot of problems.

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