Take Care Of Your Nails With This Product

Gel nails are beautiful for large functions such as weddings. More number of beauties is contributing this product. This product is also known as Gelnägel entfernen. Still people like to improve their nails; they don’t want to spend their money. If gel nails are used, then you will like to use it again and again.

Few Tips To Take Care:

You may want to breathe your natural nails. Remove your gel nails at home easily. If you want to remove your gel nails, you have to carry out lot of work on it as normal UV cured gel nails will not only make you to lose your weight, but also it needs you to start filing down from natural nail. You need set of files of various ranges of strengths, cloth or brush to remove dust and a rich skin cream. The most important tip to avoid contamination is to disinfect it. Then, you should slide initially back cuticles with a wooden stick. You begin coarse file. If the nail is very shorter at the top, then you should be aware of natural nail. Now, you should start using Gelnägel entfernen.

Files should be done cautious. You recognize nail surface as they less dust than gel. It is necessary to leave thin layer of gel on nail surface. As you start protecting natural nail, you are simplifying the process of transitioning thick gel nail to sensitive natural nails. At the end, you should cream fingers and nails to maintain good one.



As Gelnägel entfernen nails are durable, most people go to nail salon to remove. But it can be easily done by own in home with the help of this product.

  • It is very important to take care so that you can protect your cuticle from dust stuck.
  • Cuticles will protect your skin. Therefore, the cuticle thick rub with fatty cream will prevent acetone in contact to paint strippers.
  • Acetone is a chemical which will react with gel nails. They will lose their adhesive action and so it can be easily removed. Cover bowl with acetone from clear air. Fix it with rubber band.
  • Place acetone filled bowl in a bowl with warm water to warm the acetone. It should be remained for three to five minutes. Holding acetone in a heat source should be done in a low heat.

With these tips, you can find the process of removing nail paints easily.

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