Three best Chest exercises for a chiseled body

Everybody likes a nicely shaped body. With the turn of the decade, a benchmark has been established when it comes to what an ideal body look likes. Youth is becoming increasingly obsessed with their body and their workouts. However, the chest which is the most easily noticeable trait in a person’s body is the most difficult one to carve out. Youth spend hours and hours in the gym doing all kind of workouts to obtain a bigger chest. The best Chest exercises to obtain a bigger chest are: 

Barbell Bench Press:

Barbell Bench Press is probably the oldest and most effective chest exercises. The human body can generate the maximum amount of power in barbell lifts so barbell bench press allows the body to lift the maximum amount of weight and hence most effective for the human body. It should be done at the start of the workout with heavy weights and lower reps. It is also probably the easiest to learn the arguably the best Chest exercises among the rest. 

chest exercises

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press:

Flat Bench Dumbbell press is a very similar exercise to barbell bench press. The posture and the movements are very similar to the barbell bench press; however, the difference occurs that this is done via dumbbell instead of a barbell. Though, these allow individual movement of different sides and allow better stabilizing for different sides. This is a better alternative if a person has been stuck on Barbell Bench Press for a very long time. 

Incline/Decline Barbell Bench Press:

The incline bench press is an extension of a normal bench press. It is normally done on an inclined or declined bench. It is highly effective for upper delts and lower delts. The incline bench press is normally done of an inclined bench with higher weight and lower reps and is highly effective for a person who wants a chiseled upper chest whereas the declined barbell bench press is effective for a lower portion of the chest and should be done with higher weights and low reps.

If the above exercises are performed properly with the right form and current weight groups, the dream of a chiseled chest would no longer remain a dream and could be easily obtained by any person.

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