Tips To Make Your Home Unfriendly To Scorpions During Winter

It is not only scary but irritating to have creepy crawlers in your home, and regardless of when they show up, there is never a happy moment in noticing their presence. Unfortunately, the ‘no welcome’ sign is never noticed by these unwanted guests, and they will always look for the slightest chance to share a roof with you. In Arizona, one of the worst infestations to deal with is from scorpions which are always lurking around considering that the desert climate is their natural habitat. The fact that these desert creatures are ever close by is nevertheless, not a reason for them to freely get in your house as they pose lots of dangers to everyone.

A first step to being safe from these pests is to have a better understanding of what drives them to people’s home. According to research, these nocturnal hunters are always moving around in search of food, and coincidentally most homes are good breeding grounds for their prey. The diet of scorpions primarily consists of bugs and insects such as spiders, roaches, and crickets that can easily be found in most homes and yards. As such, their primary attraction is food, which then leads them to discover other favorable conditions that make them stay.

On the other hand, it is also vital to take to account the question, do scorpions hibernate? This is because it has been discovered that as it approached winter is when most scorpions will quietly make their ways to most home. While they might be found later, this does not erase the fact that this is the danger season when most homeowners must be alert. A straightforward answer to the question would be a yes as scorpions love to stay in warmer places, especially when the temperatures begin to drop.

The most feared species, the Arizona bark scorpion is in particular popular for their large groups of nesting when winter comes. A defining characteristic of this species is that unlike other scorpions they can easily climb walls, trees, and fences which make them harder to keep away from any house. They tend to love dark and moist areas which in-depth analysis in most homes will reveal several areas that suit their preferences. This is further complemented by the fact they can squeeze in spaces as small as 1/16 an inch as their bodies lack bones which could restrict such movements.

Since homeowners can never ignore these risks, the right step is to have in place measures that will make it harder for scorpions to gain access to a home. Residential pest control specialists can save the trouble of having to deal with an infestation through preventative measures such as the use of protective barriers and sealing off the house. The fight against scorpions also means that there will have to be the elimination of their food sources, which involves roaches and spider treatment. All the efforts always pay off as when the temperatures rise, and scorpions get back to being active, there is the assurance of a home that is 100% safe and comfortable for everyone including the young ones and the elderly.

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