What career options can a psychology degree get you?

Depending on one’s interests, a psychology degree qualifies them for employment in arts and science. There are numerous options available in the areas of public and private healthcare, education, mental health support, social work, therapy, and counselling. These jobs can be consultative, research-led, treatment-led, or therapeutic.

The job prospects fall into two main categories or industries – healthcare and education. Here are the top options for psychology students to watch out for.

  1. Counsellor

As a counsellor, one will assist people in coming to terms with their lives and experiences via the examination of feelings and emotions. They will be working in a confidential environment and expected to pay close attention to their clients. A counsellor’s key characteristics are the capacity to listen, empathize, respect, and be patient. They should be able to evaluate the issues at hand to help the client cope with their condition and make decisions.

  1. Education-related psychology careers

Psychology graduates interested in education have a variety of alternatives. Psychology graduates may qualify as teachers, working in primary, secondary, or tertiary level education. In addition to educational therapy, educational psychology and social work are other promising options within education. They could work in social services to help encourage learning in the community at all ages. They can also work in the jail system to help juvenile criminals.

Depending on the level chosen, an additional teaching qualification is required to teach psychology. To work in universities such as Hong Kong Metropolitan University, one will most likely need a master’s degree and/or a PhD. Higher education positions are likely to include both teaching and research.

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