What is amazon buy box

Amazon is a technology-based ecommerce company in the US and has its headquarters in Seattle. Amazon also has many subsidiaries like Whole Foods, Ring, Audible, IMDb, Shopbop,, and Zappos.

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos and it was initially called Cadabra Inc. The company name was then shifted to Relentless Inc and finally to Amazon in 1995. The company was initially started as an online bookstore but later on grew into a multi-segment platform selling products ranging from consumer goods to technology-based services.

Amazon became a global brand after launching its marketplace model in the US in 2015. Even today, Amazon remains the biggest ecommerce platform with more than 310 million active users every month who collectively spend around $230 billion every year.

Amazon’s revenue jumped to $386 billion in 2020 from $280 billion in 2019. Though the company faced a decline of 26% revenue in Q1 2020 due to covid-19 lockdown restrictions across different countries, it managed to bounce back strongly with an increase of 37% revenue growth for Q2 2020 followed by 40% revenue growth for Q3 2020 and 44% revenue growth for Q4 2020. Currently, Amazon is all set to reach a $2 trillion

What is Amazon Buy Box

The Amazon Buy Box is the box on a product detail page. This box includes details like price, shipping options and seller information. On mobile devices, it also includes the “Add to Cart” button.

Amazon’s Buy Box formula ensures that only trusted, reliable companies, sellers win the Buy Box. As a seller, that’s an immense perk. First of all, Amazon controls over 50% of ecommerce sales , so having your products listed there is already a major advantage for your as a amazon fba seller.

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How to win amazon buy box

Amazon’s Buy Box is the area on a product detail page where shoppers can immediately click and add items to their shopping carts. Winning the Buy Box means you’ll get more clicks and sales.

If you want to win amazon Buy Box on Amazon, it’s only available to Professional Sellers. If you’re still an Individual Seller, upgrade your account.

It takes more than just signing up for a Professional account to win the Buy Box. Like most things in life, successful selling requires more work, too.

Amazon determines who’s a trusted seller by reviewing these factors:

Product reviews: The algorithm behind the Buy Box also reviews the cost of your product. It’s critical that your business offers competitive prices.

Product availability: Amazon’s algorithm views FBA to have a perfect order fulfillment score. This is because FBA merchants can ship products from Amazon’s warehouses, which are located all over the country, so products can arrive faster to customers in different locations.

Customer service: Amazon needs its sellers to offer fast and reliable shipping (if they expect to maintain good customer relations). In turn, if customers receive their orders quickly and on time, they’re more likely to win the amazon buy box.

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