5 Room BTO Renovation Package – Best Option To Renovate Your House 

It’s difficult to complete a BTO renovation. However, it is not difficult when you have access to the 96 interior internet portal. The 5 room bto renovation package is one of the most trustworthy and economical packages offered by this portal.

So read on to learn everything there is to know about the Renovation Package.

About 96 interior websites?

Committed to providing you with services of exceptional caliber, 96 interior work with a design philosophy that believes in the seamless amalgamation of comfort, beauty, and functionality to give you a well-rounded home.

Features of 5-room BTO Renovation Package 

The following amenities are included in the 5 room BTO Renovation Package:

  1. Consultancy services

Interior design and space planning. it generates a design proposal and a 3D perspective drawing. It aids in the selection of materials and colors. it also aids in consultant and project management and gives a site inspection/work schedule.

  1. Ceiling works

It creates an L-Box light holder for the living room and aids in the creation of a false ceiling for the bedroom passageway.

  1. Flooring work

It provides labor and materials for the installation of 5mm European vinyl flooring in the living room, master bedroom, and other two bedrooms.

  1. Carpentry work

It aids in the design, fabrication, and installation of a 20-foot-long kitchen cabinet made of solid plywood and laminate. It also has ABS door and handles trimming, as well as Cooker and Hob installation and a 10-foot solid-surface tabletop.


Getting the greatest offers from 96 interiors may brighten your day and provide you with the finest deals for interior design with a variety of amenities and services.

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