7 Things to Have in Mind before Leaving on a 2021 Vacation

It’s time for the weirdest summer vacation of your life. It’s time for the 2021 summer vacation which is nothing you ever had before. In a situation of Covid-19 world pandemic, the beaches around the world will be a different place than they were before.

Clubs will be something unrecognizable, and having fun might cause serious health issues. However, we had enough of this pandemic, and it’s time to go to the beach. Here are seven things you must not forget before leaving home.

1. Sunglasses

The world might be in danger from a deadly virus, but the sun is still shining as it has been before. Get yourself the best Versace sunglasses you can find in the stores and make sure you’re protected against the dangerous sun rays, and you look amazing.

2. Tanning solution

Another thing that will protect you from the sun is the tanning solution. Without it, you’ll burn under the sun and will struggle until the pain goes away. Don’t forget this and at the end of the vacation, you’ll have a fine bronze tan that will look amazing until the end of the summer.

3. More bathing suits

What’s a vacation with going diving and swimming, but more importantly, without enjoying the sandy beaches and tanning. You can’t do it in a shirt and pants, but you need a bathing suit. Often going into the water means often changing, so make sure you have enough pairs to change in one day.

4. Covid-19 masks

No one knows how the situation will be in a week, or a month. Going out of the country means facing decisions and rules that are different than in your country. That means some places might ask for mandatory masks over your face. Be ready for this. Learn more about Covid-19 globally here.

5. Towels

Going to the beach doesn’t always mean having a royal treatment. Make sure you have something to place on the ground and wipe the water off yourself when you get out of the water.

6. First aid kit

It’s better to be prepared than sorry. You don’t have to carry an entire backpack with equipment and perform surgery. You just need some bandages, pills, and stuff like that. In case you cot on some glass or get hurt, you should have the first aid kit to help you handle the situation properly.

7. Passport or other ID

We’re used to traveling anywhere without our passport, but going abroad means having a passport with us. You won’t be allowed in some countries without it. If you’re going out of the UK, it’s best to have it with you.


Get ready for the best summer of your life. After a year of staying home and so many lockdowns, it’s time to party and enjoy yourself. Mind these items we mentioned, and make sure you spend some time that you will call the best time of your life.

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