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Advantages and disadvantages of taking over a company

When you take over a company, you inherit its products and customers. We must therefore adapt our ideas to them.

Benefits and Disadvantages

Economic risk-Low risk and easier to calculate than setting up a new company from scratch,Risks “visible” only in a second analysis upcoming property launches.

Products, Already on the market-The products sold so far no longer match the new business philosophy

Clients-Existing customers,Current customers are overly tied to the old company.

Collaborators / suppliers, Already available-Current collaborators and suppliers are no longer “in tune” with the company.

Organization-“Run-in” processes and “tested” structures facilitate daily operations, especially in the initial phase, The processes are so “personal” (i.e. dependent on a specific person) that they are no longer functional after the transferor’s departure.

Degree of notoriety-Companies and products known to the market, with a reputation and already present in the subconscious of customers.

Notoriety level not yet as high as supposed at the beginning

Slightly negative image

Financial requirement-If restructuring or major investments are not necessary (replacement and / or modernization of the infrastructure), the financial burden is usually lower than setting up a new company from scratch.

Often the investments for the replacement and / or modernization of the infrastructure are not recognized in time in the initial phase, with the risk of “turning the financial plan upside down”

The customer base and the reputation of the company are not free

Transferring person-Possibility to benefit from the transfer of the know-how and experiences of the current owner. Structures that are excessively focused on the previous owner can cause acceptance problems.

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