Advice for Burgundy Hair

Have you always dreamed of burgundy color for hair but aren’t quite sure you can pull it off? Red hair is both stunning and sensual. It can be a real confidence booster if you want to go for a bold new look.

The key to burgundy hair is to find the shade that’s right for you, Keep reading for some tips on how to get gorgeous hair color.

Tips for Burgundy Hair: 20 Stunning Shades

Here are some of the hottest shades of hair color:

  1. Burgundy Wine Hair Color
  2. Scarlet Red Hair Color
  3. Ruby Red Hair Color
  4. Bright Hair Color
  5. Burgundy Tips with Black or Brown Roots
  6. Plum Red Hair Color
  7. Dark hair with Burgundy Babylights
  8. Chestnut Hair with Burgundy Highlights
  9. Maroon Hair Color
  10. Burgundy Purple Hair Color
  11. Magenta Hair Color
  12. Merlot Hair Color
  13. Creamy Caramel and Burgundy Balayage
  14. Violet Hair Color
  15. Dark to Light Burgundy Ombre Fade
  16. Cherry Red Hair Color
  17. Dark Hair Color
  18. Blackberry Hair Color
  19.  Chestnut Hair with Burgundy Highlights
  20. Black and Burgundy Balayage Blend

How to Choose the Right Shade of Burgundy Hair

As we said, finding a shade of burgundy that will suit your complexion is always best. That being said, if you are feeling daring, you can rock any shade of burgundy. Pale skin and dark hair is very in right now, especially if you want to show off your inner badass goth side! Below are a few tips to help you choose the right shade of burgundy for your skin tone.

  1. Those with fair, pink or cool undertones should stick with neutral shades of burgundy or opt for a cooler shade to keep yourself from appearing too washed out.
  2. Those with a warm complexion or yellow undertones should choose a neutral shade.
  3. Those with dark or olive skin tones can totally rock the darkest shades.

Tips for Long-Lasting Hair

  1. Try to avoid washing your hair too frequently. Going longer between shampoos will help your hair color last longer. Use dry shampoo designed for colored hair between regular washings.
  2. Wear a hat when out in the sun to prevent damage and fading from ultraviolet light.
  3. Do not swim without wearing a bathing cap as chlorine and salt water can dry out and damage your hair.
  4. Use only those hair products that are designed for colored hair and do not contain alcohol or sulfates.
  5. Condition your hair regularly to keep it healthy. Leave in conditioners work well as does a bit of coconut oil to keep your hair hydrated.
  6. To make your hair color last even longer, mix together a small amount of your burgundy hair color with your conditioner. Allow it to sit on your hair for 15 minutes once a week to touch up your roots and refresh your hair color.
  7. Avoid using heat on your hair as this can dry it out and cause your hair to fade much quicker.
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