Awards and medals with personal engraving and finishing

Whether as an award in sports, as recognition of special achievements or as a gift for an anniversary – medals and awards are given to honor people and to pay tribute to them. When giving awards, attention should be paid to high-quality material and design in order to underline the appreciation of the achievements and the person who has provided them. An individual design of the award or the medals also gives the award a personal touch. The use and combination of different materials also enhances the award. The materials acrylic, wood, metal and glass can be used for this purpose. A design with attention to detail makes awards and medals even more valuable for the honored person.

So anyone who awards custom plaques awards should opt for a professional manufacturer who has many years of experience in the production of awards and medals, who uses the latest technologies and who offers competent advice on the different design options. This ensures that the products convince with a contemporary and attractive design and have more than just an ideal value as an award.

Custom Awards

Even the selection of the material needs to be well thought out. The material wood stands for earthiness and down-to-earthness. In combination with metal and glass, modern objects can be designed that are impressive both as individual pieces and in series. The refinement is carried out with high-quality printing or attractive engraving. If only glass is used for the production of medals and awards, wonderful effects can be achieved with the individual design through 3D engraving, pasting with a plotted metal foil in gold and silver or through intensively colored prints. The base or feet can also be made of metal or wood to ensure good stability and to make the awards a little more individual.

Acrylic glass is an alternative to glass, as this material can be cut even more easily and thus allows more design variants. Acrylic can also be given a high-quality finish with a subtle engraving, an individual print or a metal adhesive foil. In addition, acrylic glass can also be combined with other materials as desired to create a special object.

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