Best Dog DNA Kit – The Easiest Way To Know Your Pet Better

Wondering about the family history of your beloved dog? Well, one can easily do it at home with an innovative and best dog dna kit that is easy to use. These test kits can give accurate information about the breed, health history, and other pertinent information. It will enable one to devise a better health plan for their lovely pet. Here is a list of the top names that provide accurate DNA test kits for dogs.

  1. Embark Breed and Health Kit 

This one gives the most information one could want to know. It delivers the ancestral history of the dog going back to the great grandparents. It also runs genetic health tests to know if the dog has inherited some health conditions. One can download the full report from the website.

  1. DNA My Dog – Breed identification test kit 

Now one doesn’t need to wait to get a DNA test done for their precious pet because they can do so at home at an affordable price. The results come out within a week after one runs a quick swab and mail the test kit to get tested. It gives accurate results for the breed, dominant breed in case it’s a mixed-breed pup, personality traits, and genetic health issues, if any.

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  1. Wisdom Health Wisdom Panel 3.0 canine DNA test kit 

If someone is looking for the best dog dna kit for mixed-breed dogs, then this is it! It can detect up to 350 breeds, types, and varieties of dogs to give accurate information.

Now one doesn’t need to wait in queues or pay hefty fees to get the DNA test done for their dogs. They can do so at home using any of the dog DNA kits that are easy to use.

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