Brain Discipline and well being

Discipline is important in every phase of life and so in the matters of the brain too. Brain discipline is a concept that is not well read by many and many people of unaware of it. A girl in Russia has trained herself to play the violin while also rotating a hula loop around her waist, this seems to be tricky for many but it is possible if one disciplines the mind and trains it to perform multiple tasks that seem impossible otherwise.

Tips to train your brain

Hypnosis is effective technique that involves giving instructions to the brain to regulate the thought pro3cess and normalize negative thought provoking stimulants. Self-hypnosis is also important to make sure that one can instruct one’s own brain to perform tasks in proper order.

Men are more prone to stress as they are taught to keep their emotions in check. It has been observed that more men are prone to heart ailments then women as they do not release their emotions. It is advisable to cry when one wants to and not adhere to the old age thinking that men should not cry. It releases the emotions and one feels relieved once the heart is cleansed.

Neuro linguistic activities are another form of exercise that help to stimulate the right channels of communication that are performed more with actions and less with words and help to charge the brain cells.

Alcohol consumption is known to provide relief for short periods, but if consumed in large quantities over a long period it affects the ability to make decisions and causes the individual to loose focus. It leads to foggy memory and hence it is advisable to cut down on large quantities of alcohol consumption.

Besides alcohol, drugs like morphine etc are also responsible to lead to foggy memory and less brainpower over an extended period of time hence it is useful to lead a life that is away from addictions.

Muscle mind coordination has enabled many athletes to perform exceptionally well in sports in national and international levels, be it swimming or disc throw or football.

Music is effective tool to relax the tired brain after a hectic day and stimulate the cells of the brain that help one to make effective decisions.

Green tea acts as an antioxidant for the body and a stimulator for the brain. It is a natural stimulant for the brain cells and consumed by many to help with their brain discipline program.

Hence a great diet with right amount of sleep and relaxation techniques mixed with some right amount if natural stimulants help to provide right amount of discipline for the brain. Some stimulants like nootropil are also consumed after proper consultation with the concerned healthcare professional to adhere to the program. It helps to stimulate the brain cells and provide focus, energy and cognitive ability for all the activities in one’s life. It leads to better co ordination between the brain and its messengers which are the various parts of the body. Research into the benefits of Nootropil to know more.

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