Buying instagram likes and followers- how to measure roi?

The digital age relies on social media to reach out to target audiences. Marketers and brands alike prefer Instagram among popular social media platforms. Businesses can showcase their brand and engage with their customers on Instagram thanks to its one billion users worldwide. In the beginning, establishing a strong Instagram presence can be difficult. Buying likes and followers can provide an instant boost to your account’s engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and follower count. But how do you measure the ROI of buying Instagram likes and followers? It’s important to realize that purchasing Instagram likes and followers will not guarantee success. While it may help increase your account visibility initially, it won’t necessarily translate into long-term engagement or conversions unless you have a solid content strategy in place.

Calculated by dividing your total engagement (likes + comments) by the number of followers you have. This metric reflects how engaged your audience is with your content. If you buy fake or inactive followers who don’t engage with your posts genuinely, it will negatively impact your engagement rate. If you purchase real active followers who engage with your content regularly, it could lead to an increase in engagement rate. Reach refers to the number of unique accounts that saw one or more of your posts or stories within a specific time frame. A higher audience means more people are exposed to your content. Using fake or spammy followers won’t help increase reach since these accounts are unlikely to see or interact with your content organically. In contrast, purchasing real active users interested in your niche may help increase traffic organically.

iDigic for Instagram

Marketing strategies aim to drive conversions or sales. While tracking conversions directly on Instagram, you can use affiliate links and promo codes. You can also track website visits using Google Analytics. Instagram growth by iDigic, if buying likes and followers increases engagement rate and reach, it could lead to more conversions later on. However, remember that purchased likes and followers do not guarantee conversions since they aren’t necessarily interested in your product or service. CPA refers to the cost required to acquire one customer through marketing efforts. With paid advertising campaigns on Instagram, you can calculate this metric easily by controlling your ad spend. However, when it comes to buying Instagram likes or followers, the CPA can be tricky since there isn’t a direct way of tracking purchases made by buying followers. Therefore, you need to weigh the cost of purchasing likes and followers against relevant metrics like engagement rate and reach. This is before deciding if it’s worth investing in for your business.

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