The days have gone when the image quality of the TV set were blur. In the present days the science and technology has reached the nearer point of zenith when the viewers can experience the crystal clear image quality of the daily soaps and movies. And now the curved 4k TV are in the market with leading companies which will be able to make the picture clearer, crisper and will add depth to it. The 4k image is the present trend. Not only the tech savvy young generation but also the aged people also are going to get the experience of 4K image on their television set.

Panasonic on this field:-

Panasonic, the world famous electronic goods producer, has captured the entire TV market with their lineup for 2015. This new line of flat, 4K UHD curved TV feature a lot, and the best part is that Panasonic has presented curved 4K UHD screens in market for the very first time.

Though the marketers had a hint of curved 4K UHD screens from Panasonic, but they did not display at CES 2015. But finally the curtain has risen. There are the ranges CR850, CR730 and CR430, with the long ranging screen sizes between 55” to 65”.

Why spend money for 4k curved TV:-

 Well, though there you may find some cons in some customers reviews on 4k curved screens, but unquestionably, they are just some silly. Rather it is more worthy to buy the latest technology while you are already spending a good. If still you are not convinced, take a look, why you should buy a curved 4K TV .

 More immersed watching and wider view

Curved TVs offer you the feeling of natural view. By curving the edges of the screen, the pictures toward you makes you feel more immersed in the watching.

  • sharpness at the edges

Since curved screens follow the natural form of your eyes well against the flat screens, the images look to some extent sharp at the edges. It is this fact for what most of the commercial cinemas use curved screens. But I must this type of sharpness point only concerns to very large screens of 70 inches or more.

  • pictures with more depth

When you first see in a curved TV, you surely will think the picture as 3D. This is as because the curved screen make the image subsist on multiple depth layers.

  • richer contrast performance

Although I haven’t yet seen a wide enough variety of curved TVs to feel confident about confirming this point, the argument goes that since curved screens focus their light towards your seating position rather than scattering it around a wider area like flat TVs do, they can deliver almost twice as much perceived contrast.

  • wider viewing angle

You probably think I’ve lost the plot with this one. Especially as viewing angle issues also appear in the Cons section of this article! But here’s the thing. As anyone who’s had to watch a normal LCD TV from the down the sides will know, colours lose saturation and contrast reduces massively when you’re not sat directly opposite the screen. Since curved TVs turn the edges of their images towards off-axis viewing positions, though, the usual colour and contrast reductions associated with such viewing positions are greatly reduced.

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