Defects and lost profits are mainly due to the consequential damages

If there are any direct or indirect changes resulting from the use of the service then the website will not take any responsibility. There may be some errors which will subject to the periods of interruption to know about the products or services which are available on our website. The products and services should be maintained with the required information so that there will not be any errors when you use the website. The consequential damages which will arise from the use of service are due to the defects and lost profits. The third-party websites are allowed with the indirect browsing from the services offered by the youtube proxy website. The resource which you are requesting is provided when you connect the server to the browser.

proxy websites

Report a proxy related issue:

The server will download the requested resource and then it will forward to the user. You cannot access the content on any of the external websites with our youtube proxy services. If the user will enter the website through our service then we will not be responsible for any contamination or damage. If you want to report a proxy related issue then you should provide the URL of the current page. The specific requests or websites are allowed by the proxy if there is no web traffic in your device. The users should understand the terms of use to access the services provided on our website. The website will reserve the rights to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies when they investigate the criminal activities of the users.

Try to balance your needs:

The confidential information of any person can be disclosed unknowingly then the privacy of the users should be taken into consideration. The useful service performance data can be accessed as we will try to balance your needs for the logging access to the services. It is necessary to comply with the legitimate law enforcement if you currently log in with the required information. The user needs for privacy can be achieved if they cooperate with criminal investigations. The information which is recorded with the data should be provided to your browser.

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