Diversity of Delhi Lies in Its tourist Attractions

If you are a   backpacker and you love to visit destinations then don’t keep Delhi at a bay. Exactly, if you live in Mumbai and you have been to different hill stations, exotic beaches and so on but have never been to the tourist attractions of Delhi; and then you are surely leaving behind something worth witnessing.

You can plan a trip with your friends as per your convenience and budget. You can check out the Mumbai Delhi flights schedule well in time so as to get the tickets at reasonable rates. come on, you earn so much and you spend so much of your time at work and in taking care of other responsibilities; then why not spare some moments of expedition?

Best destinations of Delhi

There are many excellent destinations out there in Delhi and you can pick as per your interest. Whether cultural, monumental, historic, foodie or any other type of spot; you can have everything on the place to this capital.

Red Fort

The Red Fort is the epitome of grand Mughal era in India and it is the face of tourist attractions in the city. Built in 1638, the fort is an amazing marvel of Mughal architecture made up of red sand stone. Within the realm of its generous walls, the Chhata Bazaar coupled withan every evening sound and light show is special fascinations.

Cryptic ruins of ‘QutubMinar’

Among the other amazing places to visit in Delhi, QutubMinar stands tall having its 73 meter tall brick minaret. It was constructed by Qutub-ud-din Aibak and the structure possesses five stories abundant with carved carvings and scriptures. You would have an old era essence at this place. It is a treat to the eyes.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid is the largest mosque in India. It can encompass twenty five thousand devotees at a time. This construction was Shah Jahan’s first architectural marvel. The mosque possesses four towers and the southern tower caters a gorgeous view of the city. You would have to be dressed in an appropriate manner to enter the mosque. If not, you can even rent attire provided by mosque authority. Come on, while you are in this divine destination, you should feel the essence of this spiritual space.

Chattarpur Temple

Set in the middle of the beautiful surroundings of South Delhi, Chattarpur is a famous temple that was founded in the 1970s by Sant Shree Nagpal Baba.  The divine temple possesses an incredible architecture and it’s an ideal blend of north and south. There are gorgeous statues of Shiv-Parvati, MaaKatyayani, Ram-Darbar, Radha-Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman and Goddess Laxmi. The architecture of this temple catches every eye.

Nehru Park

One of the most gorgeous landscaped green areas, the Nehru Park in Chanakyapuri is one of the finest places to visit in the capital and is a hub for frivolous activities. Any sightseeing in the capital is incomplete without attending different concerts.

So, you need to be little more creative about your trips. You should visit these diverse spots in Delhi if you are in the capital. After all, it is all about exploring the destinations that make you feel even more extensive and blessed.

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