Enhance the usage of messaging service

In the modern days, many people make use of social media sites for communication. It eases the way of contact with other persons in the comfort of place. Smartphone is an amazing creation of technology enhancement. With the use of it, you can install any kind of social media apps in a hassle free manner. Whatsapp is an attractive messaging service as it assists you to send texts, audio and video messages to anyone at any instance. It is easy to communicate with your friends and relatives without any hassles. It is possible to send unlimited messages to target audience and it is also used for product promotions. You can publish information about your business services and products to anyone in a fraction of second.

Delightful features of advanced version

Most of the people make use of more than one number for communication purpose. In that case, they like to use whatsapp for two numbers. Due to customer needs, whatsapp is enhanced with new features and delights by means of whatsapp plus version. Users can send large music and video files to more numbers of friends as it helps you to increase upload limit of media. You can also improve the quality of image at the time of sending it. Share any sorts of media files within single click. This version offers same security features as like in the whatsapp.  Users can hide the profile picture and they can show pictures in the phonebook.

  • This enhanced version provides users to download diverse kinds of themes, sizes and colors.
  • It is possible to send multimedia files without resizing its size.
  • It offers same comfortable environment as like in the whatsapp application.


Built-in theme viewer and downloader

People who don’t like to view their profile pictures in the whatsapp can make use of enhanced version whatsapp plus as it designs with in-built downloader and theme viewer. You can easily check themes and then apply it to your profile as per your desires. Huge improvements are added in this enhanced version for the benefits of users in high range. You can activate the calls as per your needs at any time. You can see the videos and photos without downloading it. In the main menu, you can notice the main menu for hiding the connection status. First, you have to install the whatsapp application and then you can update it to whatsapp plus.

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