Four tips for companies that are looking for a new software vendor

Selecting the right software vendor to take care of your company’s IT needs can prove to be a complex procedure. Here are few tips from experts who have witnessed the designing and development of several such projects for multinational companies.

Creating list of features

The final solution must be able to meet stakeholders’ expectations and align with company’s goals.

What aspects do need in your company’s software first? This is the most important question. Experts urge company executives to team up with their IT specialists and create two different lists. The first should contain the functionalities that the organization definitely needs. The second list should contain the list of functionalities that would be “good-to-have” for the company.  These two lists would ensure that you get what you need first and focus on shiny things later. Remember, both lists need to be ready even before you approach software vendors.

Check the vendor’s background

Checking the vendor’s credentials, certificates, the list of technological partners, and the list of clients is something that cannot be skipped even if the concerned enterprise is willing to offer software free of cost. Check the number of years that they have been in business along with market reports to point out if they are downsizing or growing.

Most importantly, make sure that they have a considerable experience in developing and implementing solutions that you are looking for. They should also have their own set of engineers and developers. Avoid going with overseas vendors because cheap can mean trouble.

Perform a reference check

Check reviews online.  Get references and talk to the vendor’s existing clients to understand what they have to say about the firm. Check the number of months that they have been associated with the firm. Ask if the vendor was able to address their company’s needs and offers superb customer service for assistance.

Velvetech can prove to be the best example of how a software vendor should be. You can find more info here.

Terms and conditions for data transfer at the end of the contract term

Besides all the other terms, make sure that you read details about custody of the data after the end of the contract. No one can deny the fact that you might have to change your vendor in the future because of some reason or the other. In such case, the vendor should not charge an exorbitant amount of fees for transferring data into the new systems.  It’s advisable to discuss the terms for data transfer before signing any contract.


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