Germany job visa – understanding the process

Who does not want to progress in their lives? In order to progress in our career we need to move out and get a better job – in the present modern times there are many opportunities which are available outside India and among most countries people prefer to go to the United States. This is a country where you can get ample opportunities provided you follow the correct visa rules. There are many who wish to apply for the visa for Germany but most of them are not aware as to how to proceed for the same. There are some mandatory steps to be followed in order to get the visa – there are all chances that you may get rejected because Germany is a country which follows strict rules for permanent residency.

The German lawful permanent residency is an immigration status which provides the person the right to work and live in the United States on permanent basis. Those who are permanent resident of the Registration Card – this is basically an identity card which confirms or rather mentions that you are a permanent resident of Germany. This card has to be carried with the all times for any legal purposes. In case of violation of carrying this card the federal government can impose a penalty of US$100 or at times the person can be imprisoned.

There are different types of immigration and every type has its own method of documentation and application for the visa. The types are namely – immigration with the help of a family member, employment immigration, immigration which is approved by the Director of Central Intelligence and job seeker visa germany etc. You can apply for immigrant visa and non – immigrant visa – here are some of the steps to apply for the visa-

  • The first step for germany job visa is to take an appointment of the Visa consulate – this is required in order to visit the US Embassy. Earlier one had to go personally and get the appointment but now with the advancement in the technology you can get the appointment through email, telephone etc. when you are taking the appointment the fees for the US visa interview has to be finalized. You also need to check with the Visa consulate the mode of payment.
  • Now after getting the appointment with the Visa consulate you now need to arrange for the required papers and documents in order to present to the embassy. The documents include a valid passport, application form which is thoroughly filled, all the required documents which supports your purpose of immigration. For e.g. if you are applying for employment immigration then one has to present all the employment related papers which confirms that the person has to immigrate for work purpose. You also need to mention your financial ability and then you need to submit the proof of paid visa fees to the consulate.

Once the form and related documents are submitted the embassy goes through the same and if positive and all goes well visa is granted within 4 weeks of application.

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