Go Green, Stay Clean With Four Simple Tips

1. Prepare your own product to clean with

Although commercial cleaning detergents work fast on dirty surfaces, they aren’t the best way to tackle grime. May be the easiest but definitely not the best. The reason for that lies in their table of content. All cleaning solution have many harmful ingredients, which we better avoid. Don’t let all those commercials fool you. It is much better go green and stay clean, by preparing home made products for cleaning. Here are three easy to follow recipes for cleaning of wood, windows and bathroom surfaces personal trainer liverpool street.

Natural cleaner to dust and shine from wood furniture:

½ cup lemon juice

2 table spoons olive oil

Disinfectant for bathrooms and toilets:

2 table spoons borax

2 cups hot water

½ tablespoon tea tree oil

½ tablespoon liquid dish soap

Window cleaner for streak-free glass:

2 ounces white vinegar

quart of water in a spray bottle

2. Recycle old clothing pieces

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Recycling is a key factor to go green and contribute for saving the environment. If you are wondering how to implement this great principle while cleaning, here is the answer. Throwing out old clothing may be easier, but isn’t green at all. Take your time to sort out old clothes and donate them to a local charity organisation. In case there are garments in bad condition, grab a pair of scissors and transform them into cleaning rags On site medical services .Get Occupational Health Services, On Site Medical Services, Wellness Services, Healthcare Services in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Contact Bluecollarhealth for Health and Productivity Management Services, Call us at +27 11 892 0627 or Email us at Occupational Health Services.This were just two ways to go green during the spring cleaning process. The other two will be shared with you in the next part of this article. Stay tuned and find out how to reduce waste by reusing and recycling – the three most important green principles. Also, prepare to learn a smart way on purifying the air in your home, in a natural way.

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