Here are some things about down jacket

A high-quality down jacket is no longer just for the outdoorsy types. Puffas have been seen on politicians, music singers, and even princesses. A down jacket, of course, comes into its own when used and tested in the great outdoors. Understanding what factors to consider when purchasing a down jacket might be difficult. You can get this from Tatras

However, down is a natural insulating coat found on geese and ducks that aids in keeping their bodies warm in subzero conditions. It is often white or grey in colour and resembles little bunches of fluff. These clusters form millions of small air pockets that are warmed by our bodies and kept in place by the down.


Consider the following qualities while shopping for a down jacket.

  • Stuffable/clippable: Many down coats come with a stuff sac or can be compressed into their own pocket. We favour the latter since stuff sacs are easily misplaced. Some down jackets contain a clip-able carabiner loop that can be readily fastened into a harness during climbing.
  • Hood: A hood will offer warmth, but it will also add bulk. If you are going to use a down jacket as a mid-layer beneath a waterproof coat, you might want to go for one that doesn’t have a hood. Try down coat men
  • Drawcords: Hem and hood drawcords can be used to close draughty spaces. We recommend a single drawcord that tightens at the back of the head for hoods since it is less fussy than two drawcords at the side of the face and more adaptable than elastic variants.
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