Home automation and armored doors: electric locks

Our smart lock, in addition to fulfilling its primary function, which is to make you feel completely safe, is characterized by an extremely simple method of use so as to represent an excellent solution even for users less accustomed to technology digital lock promotion singapore.

Specifically, our electronic locks for armored doors mount a biometric fingerprint sensor that can be integrated into your home automation space, to forget your worries and leave you exclusively to the pleasure of living in your home.

Nothing can be more secure than your fingerprint as a key to your home

This is precisely the reason why armored doors that mount fingerprint sensors (also called fingerprint sensors or fingerprint scanners), making intrusion and break-in attempts practically impossible, are now considered impregnable.

The motorized lock with biometric fingerprint reader is in fact an electronic lock, which transforms the security door into a real home automation door.

Because fingerprint recognition guarantees your safety

Fingerprint recognition is a type of biometric recognition or a technological process that identifies the person through their unique biological and / or behavioral characteristics. Among the biometric peculiarities , the fingerprint, being unrepeatable and unmistakable, is able to identify us unequivocally . For this reason, locks with biometric fingerprint reader constitute a maximum security system for our home and work environments.

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