How Can I Make My Bed and Breakfast as Green as Possible?

Going green has been popular for many years now, but it’s especially been a popular subject over the last five years. Humans are becoming more conscious of the world around them and how their choices affect the environment.

With many businesses opting to go green, it’s no wonder you want to make your B&B as green as possible. People are going back in time in terms of using natural products and doing what’s best for the earth, so you’ll want your B&B to keep up!

Here’s a quick rundown of measures you can take to go green and stay green:

Stop purchasing bottled water for your guests

I know they appreciate it, but purchase a water purifier instead and attach it to your kitchen faucet. Fill jugs with water and leave one in your guest’s room to drink.

Use CFL light bulbs

Compact fluorescent light bulbs, or energy saving light bulbs, can often be used in place of incandescent bulbs.

Ditch paper towels and paper napkins

Instead, provide your guests with cloth napkins that can be thrown in the washer.


Keep a recycle bin inside and outside. Purchase food in glass jars and tin cans as much as you’re able to since they’re easily recyclable.

Make a compost garden

Using food for compost gives back to the earth and keeps it from going to waste if thrown in the trash.

Stop printing receipts

Most customers will be satisfied with an emailed receipt. It’s quick, paperless, and inkless. Keep a printer and paper handy for the tough eggs who absolutely have to have paper copies. 

Ask your guests to turn off lights and water when not in use

Tape a note to their bedroom door or wall. Write a friendly reminder to turn off lights and water when they’re not needed to help conserve energy. You can save up to 30% of your energy bill with just this!

Consider investing in solar panels

Solar panels are an expensive investment up front, but will pay off over time. If you’re financially prepared you can install solar panels on your building, which will greatly reduce electricity usage throughout the day.

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