How Does An Immigration Lawyer Differ From An Immigration Consultant?

Some people think an immigration lawyer and a consultant are the same people. Although, they share the same responsibilities in representing immigrants in Canada. The principal difference comes from their education and credentials.

Immigration consultant versus lawyer

Canadian immigration attorneys or lawyers have more detailed legal qualifications than consultants. To Become An immigration lawyer, one is obliged to attend law school and complete a 3-year degree course. Further, they need to clear the bar exam to be legally registered. A few lawyers also partake in internship programs with law firms after or during their degree.

Most law courses need an undergraduate degree before enrolling for law school, meaning that lawyer’s study for several years to be eligible to represent clients.

Canadian immigration lawyers are permitted to attend interviews and can advocate for your appeal in the Canadian court if your application requires judicial review. There are many knowledgeable immigration lawyers in Brampton, ON, who can help you with your immigration procedures.

On the other hand, consultants are not lawyers. They can represent a client but don’t undergo vigorous studying procedures or attend law school. They are also not required to complete an undergraduate degree. Consultants are required to take a year certification course to become registered.

While consultants can legally represent you, only lawyers are allowed to advocate for you if required.

CCIC (college of immigration and citizenship consultants)

Canada immigration consultants are managed by the college of immigration and citizenship consultants (CCIC). Immigration consultants have a seven-digit CCIC number to show they are certified.

On the contrary, Immigration lawyers are managed independently by provincial law societies.

Avoiding fraud

Many immigrants are being cheated around the world and in Canada. Although most lawyers are trustworthy, the risk of being scammed is not null in this industry. The point is not to discredit a profession but to caution people preparing to hire an immigration lawyer. It is crucial to verify the services you are hiring and exclude all the red flags.

So, ensure that you have thoroughly inquired about the Immigration lawyers in Brampton, that you will hire to represent you in court on your behalf.

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