How to boost your business with a jewelry display

Contrary to popular belief, a jewelry display can actually help boost a business in many ways and this is something that many retail store owners often miss. However, If you’re thinking that all you need to do is to run out and purchase any display and that will magically boost your business, then you need to rethink your strategy. Here are some tips on how to successfully purchase and install your display for maximum effect on your business.

  • Understanding your products first

You may be thinking that you are trying to look for the right jewelry display so why should you start by understanding your own products first? The reasoning is simple, one of the best ways to grab the attention of your customers is to simply give them something that they would enjoy looking at. Humans are very curious beings so when something looks nice, namely your display, they will be automatically attracted to it.

This sort of effect only comes from having a deep understanding of your products and thus knowing the right sort of display that should go with it. On the other hand, without proper understanding and by simply mismatching your products with the wrong display, it can actually turn your clients away because the sight is too ugly to bear.


  • It’s all in the location

Knowing where to place your jewelry display is also the key to using it to boost your business. Ideally you will want to place it in a location where it cannot be missed, such as near the entrance or exit of your store, or if you turn your display into your primary cash counter, where your clients must walk by at least once while browsing in your store.

The best locations in your store really depends on the layout of the store and so you will need to make your own judgment. Always remember that when you place it in a place that is eye-level, and easy to spot, then you will enjoy higher chances of selling your precious stones that are in that display.

  • Don’t over-do it

The worst thing you could do, or any other store retail owner could do is to overcrowd their stores with too many jewelry displays. It is important that you try to limit the units of displays down and keep the number as small as possible because when you have too many of them, your clients will not know where to focus their attention on!

Normally retail store owners will prefer to put their most precious gems and stones on display so maybe you should do the same. Moderation is the key here to achieving the effect that you want.

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