How to manage Back pain- Self care and prevention measures

If you are struggling with back pain, it is not important that it is something common, a random back pain can lead to some major issues related to the spine which has to be taken care on priority. Generally, the people who are involved in the profession that demands sitting for hours can lead to some major spine related problems. Hence, experts suggest work is important but not more than one’s health.

To make sure you don’t get trapped in these common pine related issues, start taking the below-mentioned measures-

  • Regular exercise – It is highly recommended even if you are very busy in your day to day chores, it is important that you take out at least 30 minutes a day for a regular set of exercise, this helps in proper muscle movement, if you are not in good shape it is more likely to have affected with back pain. Also, experts say that regular exercise helps keep your joint fluid. One should ensure to maintain the fat around the stomach area as this gives a lot of strain to back and leads to major back problems.
  • Have a proper eating habit – As per the best spine doctors in India, if one takes a proper diet that includes all the nutrients especially calcium which is what our bones are made up of. Consumption of spicy and unhealthy food items especially fast food hampers the nervous system which leads to major problems with the body. These spicy foods directly affect the intestine and your internal and external body are related with one another hence the effect can be seen on spine too.

  • Sleep Sideway – It is not at all recommended to sleep flat on your back for a long time, the best position to sleep is to sleep on your side and if you have the habit of sleeping on your stomach then ensure to keep a pillow under your lower abdomen and having a supportive mattress and pillow for your head is another mandate.
  • Maintaining a proper posture – Today most of the people are involved in the jobs those require them to sit in front of computers for at least 7 to 8 hours a day, which makes the people slouch while sitting and they don’t realise that how badly this is affecting their bodies, but if you ensure to maintain a right posture, this can help you maintain natural curves for your back and will keep it strong and straight.
  • Reduce stress and quit smoking – No one wants to live a life full of stress, but our hectic lives don’t let us live a stress-free life. Stress causes you to tense your muscle and constant tension can lead to back pain, hence avoid stressing the body.

Still, if someone gets a problem related to spine there is a wide number of the best spinal surgeon in India who are the experts in treating any and all the problems that are related to back bone and spine. So hurry if you have noticed any problem with your back.


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