Know about direct mailing services

Direct mail has been a means of promotion and sales that has been used for a long time. This consists of sending an envelope by postal service containing: advertising, offers, company presentations or invitations. The traditional concept of mail has been using letters, however, now we have the Internet and email. A proposal to open bank accounts, invitations to exhibitions, new wholesalers, offers of consumables, in short, a bit of everything.

Direct mail selling had its golden age in many countries in the 1980s. The forerunner of this sales medium was the catalogue. TheĀ mailing services in Greenwood, SC were the evolution of the catalogue. When you send a letter, you do so to communicate something. Direct mail is no exception. Communication is made up of sender, receiver, message, medium and feedback. A direct mail message should have the same components. The more carefully and intelligently you select each component, the more successful your campaign will be.

For example, in a campaign: the issuer is the company or business unit that seeks to communicate the offer; the recipient is the customer who will receive a said letter; the message is the letter itself; the medium is paper, or the Internet, or the artifice by which it is sent; and feedback is the response that the customer gives us, whether it is a purchase or interest. Finally, you must have a communication objective.

The objective of a direct mail campaign can be diverse: from selling an article to notifying of a change of address. It is the most important point of all direct mail: the objective. If we are not clear about where we are going, we can never get there. Once we define the objective, we must also know what the impact of the said campaign will be on the profits of the company. If you are going to start a direct mail campaign, it is important that the first thing you do is to put your objective in black and white. Remember that your objective must answer the questions of who, how, when, how much, why, and where.

Within the target, you’ll need to know if you want a single send or a series of sends. For example, if you want to notify your change of address, a single shipment will suffice. However, if what you are looking for is to buy, or even more, to gain permanent customers, a single shipment will not be enough.

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