Know the myths and reality surrounding En caul births

There are many people who wonder what en caul is all about. There are videos and blogs that have gone viral showing clearly about this type of birth. According to the medical experts, en caul birth is said to take place if the baby is present within the aminotic entirely intact sac after birth. This sac is considered to be a bag which is full of fluid and present inside the womb. It is here that the development and growth of the unborn baby takes place. This is also called the ‘membranes’. The reason is because, it is of two membranes, known as the chorion and amnion that the sac comprises of. The sac gets filled up with pale, clear fluid, where the unborn baby is said to move and float.

The amniotic sac, typically tends to break on its own at the time of birth. It is referred to commonly as the mother’s ‘water breaking’ effect. During en caul birth, the baby is seen to be born within the intact membranes. There are video graphics on the web that can be gone through. However, it is not exactly meant for sensitive readers.

More about en caul births

At times, the baby is said to be born with a caul piece that is attached to the face and head. Caul is a Latin word ‘Caput galeatum’, which means ‘head helmet’. The babies that are born in this manner are said to have a veil on their face or probably born along with a shirt. It is considered to be harmless. Moreover, the membrane can be removed effortlessly and easily by the qualified and experienced midwife or by the physician. A small incision is placed on the membrane by the attending practitioner across the nostrils. This allows the child to breathe comfortably. Then the loops are un-looped carefully using a paper sheet that is peeled back from skin.

The truth is that such type of births are regarded by medical experts to be rare cases that occurs in about 80,000 deliveries. Majority of the births are said to take place in premature babies. They may need C-section. As this type of case takes place, a rave event is said to be associated with myths and superstitions behind it.

Caul birth myths

Among different European mythologies, there is opined that the baby that is born with en caul cannot drown easily. They are also known as the caulbearers, since they are born having a caul. The latter is said to help them to ward against drowning. Hence, the caul is said to become the much desired artifact especially for sailors.

During medieval times, people born with en caul were interpreted to be signs of fortune. Such children were also meant to be destined for greatness. Saving the caul is regarded to be an essential tradition of childbirth. There are many famous people who are born with En Caul Baby Birth like Charlemagne, Sigmund Freud, Liberace, Napoleon, Lord Byron and others.

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