Leaky gut treatment and diet plan

Leaky gut syndrome occurs when the net in the digestive tract gets affected which allows bad bacteria, proteins and undigested substance to enter the blood stream. These small particles can result in systemic inflammation and immune reaction. This disorder starts in an important organ called small intestine. This organ is very important because minerals, vitamins and nutrients in the food are absorbed here. The small intestine should contain only small openings so that nutrients can be properly absorbed and transferred into blood stream. Once transferred, these nutrients will be deposited around the body through blood. People need to follow a leaky gut diet plan in order to fix and cure the leaky gut.

Foods you should avoid

Here are the food items that cause leaky gut syndrome by creating Candida and intestinal inflammation. A food diet without gluten can help in improving the signs of leaky gut. It is a sticky protein present in most of the grains including wheat. It will be tough to digest unless the grains have been brought trough the sprouting process. People under the leaky gut treatment should avoid foods containing gluten. Next one in the list is cow’s dairy. Protein in the cow’s dairy can also trigger a reaction as gluten. A1 casein is the protein present in cow’s dairy that is more inflammatory compared with other gluten source. Sugar feeds bad bacteria and yeast and it can damage the protecting layer of the intestinal resulting in a leaky gut. People can replace refined sugar with natural sweetener such as honey but it should be consumed less. Some other food ingredients that people should avoid adding in the leaky gut diet plan are unsprouted grains and genetically modified organisms.

Leaky gut friendly food items

Human body requires protein to heal. A protein rich food is bone broth that is also loaded with essential amino acids. Well boiled or cooked meats are better when the digestion is impaired. Bone marrow is very nourishing that can also be added in the diet plan. Some other sources of proteins are pastured eggs and sea food. Next one in the list of gut friendly items is vitamin rich food. People should add vitamin rich foods like egg yolks, marine oils, butterfat, fish liver oils and organ meats in the diet plan. Minerals also play an important role in treating the leaky gut. So, include nutrient dense foods, mineral rich water, quality sea salt and herbal teas in the diet.

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