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Makeup 101: What Makes Primer Important?

If you are a makeup guru— you probably know how important it is to include a primer in your makeup regime and routine. Here is why…

Generation arises, study improves and ways develops so rapid— that includes the beauty industry. It is definitely a NO-NO to the traditional and old way of setting makeup and finishing it. Today, most of the beauty enthusiasts, makeup artists and beauty influencers are telling one to two and the world to incorporate primer in their makeup routine.

If we are talking content, adding up a primer makes such difference in the results of your makeup. A primer helps create a super smooth canvas and prevent your makeup from slidding off your face the whole day. Especially if you have parties to go and a rough errand to go by the day.

However, primers are still often disregarded and people think it is unnecessary. Either if you are opting for a natural look or a heavy finish makeup, remember that primer is always a need.

With that said, this blog post will talk more about what makes primer important and the best selling banila co prime primer which you can buy online today. Let’s check this out!

So, Why Primer? 

People tend to think that applying primer just takes more of their time in applying makeup. Well, it may take a minute of your time but atleast your makeup won’t go smudging off in the next 2 hours.

Best selling banila co prime primer

Well, what is more harder than that?

So to say this, Primers are really necessary not only that it makes your makeup lasts a little longer, it also help moisturize your skin and protects it from other heavy chemcials from your layers of foundation. Basically, it serves as a wall for your pores and facial skin.

Aside from that, if you are going for a heavy eye makeup look, primers also makes sure that it enhances your eyeshadows making it vivid and ofcourse, helps it stays longer than usual.  Using eye primers will also have a waterproof effect to your eyes, so you won’t bother go sweating at all because you are getting a matte finish by the use of primer.

The best selling banila co prime primer is a recommendable primer that is used by almost all beauty enthusiast all over US and even in Southeast Asia. their primer are so good at moisturizing the face and it makes sure that it works well with girls that has undeniably riduculous skin tone.


Foundations Have Primers Too

Well, your foundation have built it primers too. However, it is still recommended to put the best selling banila co prime primer first just to make sure that your face gets the moisture it deserves.

Yes, your foundation may have primer features on it but it still needs a more high working primer to make sure it stays and holds your foundation. Thus, what more is there if you have a primer plus a foundation with a primer put all together? Well that one is lit!

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