Meet the Professor who is also a Famous Author

Orlando, a renowned writer is an eminent professor of history at Birkbeck College which is located in London. His current courses consist of a BA Group 2 course, an MA module: and two BA one-term choices.

Apart from being an eminent professor of history, he is also a regular contributor to The New York Review of Books, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. Figes is vastly recognized for his workings on Russian history especially Natasha’s Dance, A People’s Tragedy, Crimea, Just Send Me Word, Revolutionary Russia, 1891–1991, Peasant Russia, Civil War and The Whisperers. All the books written by him are focused on the culture, tradition as well as the history of Russia in a perfect way. In these literary masterworks and historic books, he fascinatingly explains the involvements of millions of Russians. In fact, almost all his books have received a range of prestigious awards such as

  • The WH Smith Literary Award
  • The Los Angeles Times Book Prize
  • The Longman-History Today Book Prize
  • Wolfson History Prize
  • The NCR Book Award
  • Przeglad Wschodni Award

He has also been nominated for the below mentioned prestigious awards such as:

  • Samuel Johnson Prize (twice times)
  • Premio Roma
  • Duff-Cooper Prize
  • Ondaatje Prize
  • Prix Médicis

Contribution of Figes in Film and Television

Apart from being a world famous writer, Figes has contributed regularly to both radio and television broadcasts not only in the United Kingdom but also across the world. He has also written several educational TV series under the title Red Chapters regarding the history of Communism which has been produced by Opus Television. For The Tsar’s Last Picture Show, he has also written and offered a TV feature documentary about Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky, a Russian legendary color photographer. In addition, to all these, he has also written and presented on radio, two 60-minute Archive Hour programs titled Stalin’s Silent People.

In the 2012 film, Anna Karenina directed by Joe Wright, Figes has been a historical consultant. In 2016 BBC War & Peace television series, he has also been accredited as the historical consultant.

Orlando Figes is the son of Eva Figes, the noted feminist writer. After completing schooling from William Ellis School in north London, he has studied History at the Cambridge University. He has been able to obtain Double-Starred First from Cambridge University. After completing the graduation, he has completed PhD at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he has served as a Fellow as well. Married to the Stephanie Palmer, a human-rights lawyer, Figes is the proud father of two lovely daughters- Alice and Lydia. In the leisure hours he loves to watch football and is a big follower of Chelsea Football Club. As a objection of the Brexit outcomes, Figes became a German citizen in the year 2017.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that the British historian Orlando Figes is one of the great professors of History and an outstanding author as well who is accredited across the world.

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